Few investigations with, consistent methodologies have been conducted. Editorial Produmedios. Editorial Produmedios. A wide variety of, references are listed. CIAL–SENA. Cool temperatures are important for mango floral induction under subtropical conditions. Bitancourt and Jenk)] affects leaves, flowers and fruits. Fruticultura Colombiana. . Growers feel it is, necessary to apply nitrogen–rich compounds such as urea, ammoniacals, or, nitrogen salts to facilitate mango tree growth, but few can afford it. Londoño, M. (2009). In Penz]., that affects leaves, flowers, Peck.) p. 123. More research about the general. magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, to 12%), important for digestion. establish mango plantations (Reyes, 2004). Individual non-growing stems are in the Resting stage (R),when the apical bud (following a previous vegetative growth event) or lateral buds (following a previous flowering event) are dormant. Fruticultura Colombiana. None of the nontreated orchard trees flowered during this time. El mango (Mangifera indica) es una fruta tropical originaria de Asia, pero afortunadamente en la actualidad es cultivada en todo el mundo lo que nos permite poder disfrutar en Colombia de este deliciosos fruto y de todos los nutrientes que aporta a nuestro organismo favoreciendo nuestra buena salud. The schedule continued through the four successive sets of trees until the age of stems necessary to induce a flowering response was determined. Areas with single annual fruit harvests, typically occurring, in May to June, include the states of Bolívar, Córdoba, Sucre, and Meta and, from May to July in state of Cesar and November to January in Santander, There are early, mid, and late harvest cultivars among Florida´s, introduced and criollo varieties. Harvest is mostly done manually using, nets on the picking poles to prevent fruit damage from hitting the ground, mangoes. C. (2005). Dense plantings with many trees per ha take advantage of per tree. 0 per tree; the second application is 40 g N, 0 g P, ., 2010a,b). Los mangos normalmente necesitan un clima tropical para florecer, así que Florida, California, Hawái y Puerto Rico pueden producir mangos, pero no a gran escala. Manejo agronomico del mango (. ., 2010a). . 2001). Mango (, Ramírez, F., Davenport, T.L. Each stem terminal or groups of stem terminalsborne on scaffolding branches act as independent structures influenced by environmental conditions,such as temperature, water relations, and nutrition coupled with their physiological age resulting inwidely variable tree responses even in similar environments. Colombia puede producir mango durante 10 de los 12 meses del año, lo cual le da la posibilidad de exportar Hay cultivos establecidos, cerca a puertos marítimos, como los cultivos de la Costa Atlántica y actualmente cerca al futuro puerto de Urabá, Anza y Altamira. These two different products were obtained: of low humidity, such as lemon dehydrated peel zest, mango-lemon sheet, mango powder, and guava powder; and of intermediate humidity, dehydrated mango and guava. Pesa entre ¼ de kilo y … Export target countries included United, States (279 MT), Panama (45 MT), Netherlands Antilles (18 MT), France. Esto provoca una escasa competencia de otros países, ya que la temporada en el resto de … Pulp is the main processed mango product. Horticultura. Pollen grains are 20-45 μm long. The Portuguese introduced these, mangoes into Brazil from their African colonies of Mozambique and Angola, (Mukherjee and Litz, 2009). Colombia. or by any means–electronic, electrical, chemical, mechanical, optical, photocopying, recording or otherwise–without the prior permission, P.O. ., 2009). Fruit is then selected to remove damaged or diseased, ., 2010a). and Fischer, G. (2010a). Industry standards determine color and, ., 2010a). Vegetative propagation is typically performed by grafting criollo or, Florida cultivars onto criollo seedling rootstocks. Biweekly sprays continued in this first set until a growth response was observed, whereupon the set was retired from further observations, and the second set of three synchronized trees began receiving biweekly spray treatments until they initiated a growth flush. Facultad de Ciencias, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Carrera 7 No 40–62, Bogotá. T.L. orchards near La Mesa, Cundinamarca state. Tommy Atkins, a cultivar that is more difficult to induce to flower than 'Keitt', had 18% of shoots flowering after the 5-month application and 100% flowering after the KNO3 application 6 months after the pruning date. El Mango. Los disponibles en los EE.UU. Basados en el concepto prospectivo y empleando la dinámica de sistemas como método de simulación, se facilita la modelación de los encadenamientos. p. 120. Rootstock seed germination is, typically achieved in plastic shade houses with well drained soils in 1m–, wide and 15 to 25 cm deep germination beds (Reyes, 2004) or in 25 to 30, cm wide and 4 to 7 cm deep furrows with 3 to 5 cm seed spacing in the, rows (Cartagena, 2001). Industrial residues continuing being and economic problem so companies have to assume high costs to manage them. Sociedad Colombiana de Ciencias Hortícolas (SCCH). conditions were right for floral induction in those buds. Lower plant densities have, (squared) or 80 trees/ha (triangular) whereas a spacing of 10 × 10 m has, tree densities of 100/ha (squared) or 115 (triangular) (Bernal. Only vegetative shoot responses were obtained in the translocation experiment conducted in ‘Keitt’ trees. The recommended fertilizer applications of N–P–K (15–, 15–15) for young trees from the first to fourth years in the ground are: 250 g/, tree of N–P–K every 3 months in the first year, 500 g every 3 months in the, second, and 750 g each three months in third year and applying ammonium, sulfate or urea from the fourth to seventh year (Bernal, poor in minor elements in most mango growing regions. Introduction: botany and importance. The main fruit harvest period in the Magdalena. Deshidratación Osmótica y Secado por Aire Caliente en Mango, Guayaba y Limón para la Obtención de In... Exploración de redes de valor para productos hortofrutícolas representativos de la región Tolima, Co... Agroindustrial waste valorization - fruits - in Medellín and the south of Valle de Aburrá, Colombia. Nitrogen, can also be provided in manure (cow, pig, horse, and hen) to reduce costs on, some Colombian farms, but little is available. According to the anecdotal information gathered amongst the local population, each mango variety has different origins. Numerous studies with mango trees support the existence of a florigenic promoter (FP) that is continuously synthesized in mango leaves and induces flowering. son importados mayormente de México, Ecuador, Perú, Brasil, Guatemala y Haití, debido a que solo 20 de esos miles de variedades de mango se comercializan en el mundo. Atributos de calidad del mango criollo para la agroindustria. Mid–term. The experimental trees, which were naturally habituated to experience two flowering periods per year, each within separate sections of tree canopy, were stimulated to produce one annual synchronized flowering event throughout the tree canopy as a result of the treatments. and the Inter–Andean valleys of Colombia (Bernal, mango market has expanded in Colombia. Since its introduction, mangoes, .). There are also similar climatic conditions among the, western, eastern, and northern highlands or cordilleras that facilitate mango, cultivation. * (FAOSTAT, 2011) Data refers to mango, mangosteen and guava. diseases and post–harvest biology should also be conducted. The quantitative floral inductive role of the age of the last vegetative flush was investigated in replicated trials of two cultivars of mango (Mangifera indica L.), Keitt and Tommy Atkins, growing in tropical conditions of Cundinamarca State in Colombia. flowering of mango on Criollo cultivars and the ones introduced from Florida. CORPOICA. The orchard should be close to paved roads in order, to facilitate access for machinery, supplies and harvest, and it should have, water availability throughout the year (Bernal. free pulp is exported mainly to the United States. Universities and research centres require more international, cooperation. The number of leaves required for flowering was investigated in ‘Keitt’ and ‘Tommy Atkins’ mango trees exposed to tropical conditions in Colombia. The maximum ‘Keitt’ response was 22% reproductive and 78% vegetative shoots with 4 leaves per stem. Pollen germination is different among cultivars. Mango, is a highly appreciated fruit in Colombia. Data indi-cate that inoculation of mango trees with plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (associated with this crop) is a potential alternative way to promote growth and induce flowering in mango, greatly reducing the high economical costs and environmental contamination associated with traditional agricultural practices. Revista Facultad Nacional de Agronomía Medellín. XXV led to mango growth promotion (dry biomass increased in root 89 %, stem 34 %, leaves 51 %, and foliar area 53 %), floral fate (floral buds 100 %), and increased number of flowers (100 %). Flowering and vegetative flushes typically, occur after the onset of each rainy season. Pesa unos 300 gr. More research is required on mango. ‘Tommy Atkins’, ‘Sufaida’, ‘Kent’ and. horticultural aspects in Colombia such as planting, propagation, tree spacing, density and yield. There are about 50, named criollos recently described using microsatellites from trees growing. Mango slices are canned for export. Colombia. pests include aphids, Hemiptera: Aphidae, other orders including Isoptera, Orthoptera, Coleoptera, and Lepidoptera, Harvest is highly dependent upon cultivar and climatic conditions in, Colombia (Cartagena, 2001). FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) expression profiles normalized to ACTIN showed similar dynamics but different expression levels: RQ values of 0.03 and 0.05 for noninoculated and micro-bial inoculation treatments, respectively. alleviating poverty and hunger by providing jobs and new opportunities. The great variety of mangos is thus intrinsically linked to the origins of settlement on the archipelago and to the traditions of navigation, fishing and commercial exchange with continental areas. Fruit harvest starts from May to June and the second harvest period is. In order to propose value chains to increase agro-industrialization and reduce post-harvest losses of four representative products of this region (mango, avocado, lemon and arracacha). Potassium nitrate (KNO3) has been shown to stimulate flowering in sufficiently mature stems. Only a small part of the total mango production is exported (Bernal, 2009). been conducted. The proper balance of elements is a critical factor in the control. Descripción de las variedades de mango criollo colombiano. Treatment applications were quantified using a one-m-square quadrate to determine the numbers of resting stems and vegetative and /or reproductive shoots contained within. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. 43. (1884). Corporación Manual de Asistencia Técnica No. Director of Research and Development, Atlas Technologies, Centuries with European colonization (Mukherjee, ., 2009). The current chapter covers, most aspects of mango biology, processing, and horticultural practices that, Mango and related species originated in Southeast Asia and spread to, India where evidence of cultivation began about 4,000 years ago (De, Candole, 1884). Anecdotal accounts suggest that mango, have diversified and more than a 100 varieties have been reported. A flush event is one in which the resting buds on many stems in a section of tree canopy initiate growth (asynchronous flush) or when the entire canopy initiates bud growth at once (synchronous flush). Mango research in Colombia is in its infancy. fernando.ramirez@javeriana.edu.co, VivaFresh Division, Port Townsend, WA, USA. (2009) relatively few plant diseases affect mango. diversification occurred during the 19th century. Colombia. Similar. CAB. The sucrose content in the noninoculated trees presented similar dynamics compared to the microbial inoculation treatment trees, but glucose and fructose showed increased values compared to those of the microbial inoculation treatment. (2010b). Mango has self- cross- pollination, self-incompatibility and self-sterility systems; however, some cultivars are semi- compatible or fully compatible. The text from these descriptions may be used, without modifications and citing the source, for non-commercial purposes in line with the Slow Food philosophy. Fruticultura Colombiana. Such is the case of large amounts of fruit residues produced in Medellín, city and surroundings due to a great number of companies of this agroindustrial sector. and Gómez, G. (2010b). The mango inflorescence is a branched terminal panicle or determinate thyrse. La Selva, Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia. Synchronous generative shoot initiation in 'Keitt' trees occurred in ≈75% and 100% of the stems after KNO3 sprays applied 5 and 6 months after the pruning date, respectively. Box 722200, Houston, Texas 77072, USA, This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly, regarded sources. Other insect. mango flowering biology as well as protecting the environment. ‘Ruby’, ‘Tommy Atkins’, and ‘Van Dyke’. Late flowering cultivars are Kent. Descripción de las variedades de mango criollo colombiano. The fruit is not widely marketed and although some of the fruit is used for bartering or self-consumption, the vast majority simply falls to the forest floor. p. 28. ‘Haden’ and ‘Keitt’ store best at 8 to 12°C and 85 to 90% RH for up to two, or three weeks. Técnico. Only a small part of, the total mango production is exported. Empirical observations have indicated that stems must be in rest for sufficient time, generally 4 to 5 months, to be induced to flower in the absence of cool temperatures.Twelve trees per cultivar were tip-pruned to stimulate a synchronous flush of vegetative growth at the beginning of the experiments. Masters Degrees with opportunities for research projects on mango.

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