[2] Later on Tapia would return to wearing the black and white outfits once again. Ranked No. On September 8, CMLL announced it had severed its ties with Park for the time being for "violating the rules of CMLL" by insulting the Arena México crowd. After the bell rings the rest of Los Perros del Mal, (including Park's son Hijo de L.A. Park) came to the ring to celebrate with L.A. Park who had won the rights to the name "La Parka". He was also the top winner of King of Kings, an annual tournament produced by Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. [53], On July 31 at Verano de Escándalo, Park faced La Sociedad stablemate and new AAA Mega Champion Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. in a three-way match for the title, with Konnan stating that Park's job was to ensure that the title stayed with Jarrett. Tapia was forced to change his ring name from "La Parka" to "L.A. Park" (short for La Auténtica Park; "The Original Park") in early 2003 when AAA owner Antonio Peña asserted his copyright claims to the La Parka character, barring Tapia from using the name as he promoted his own version of the gimmick (AAA's new "La Parka" is widely known as La Parka II among fans). [1] Following the mask loss Tapia adopted a character called Principe Island ("Island Prince"), a character he would use until 1992. Super Parka then took the belt and ran off with it. After leaving CMLL in 2008 L.A. Park worked regularly for the newly started Perros del Mal Producciones, reviving his old rivalry with Perro Aguayo Jr. ", "X-Fly fue rapado en Verano de Escándalo", "Conversación Jeff Jarrett - Konnan Parte 1-", "AAA Héroes Inmortales (Cobertura y resultados 9 de Octubre de 2011) – Mesias y Sting empatan y unen sus fuerzas contra Konnan, Jarrett y sus aliados, Wagner gana pero Octagón y La Parka lo traicionan, los perros pierden las cabelleras", "AAA (Resultados 1ro. The result, however, was later thrown out. Super Parka's son, Tapia's cousin, wrestles for CMLL as Volador Jr.[5] In January 2019 L.A. Park introduced "L.A. Park Jr."; presented as a son who decided to follow in L.A. Park's footsteps and become a professional wrestler. [2] In January 2004 L.A. Park teamed up with Shocker to defeat Los Guerreros del Infierno (Último Guerrero and Rey Bucanero) to win the CMLL World Tag Team Championship. He has worked for every major and multiple minor wrestling promotions in Mexico, as well as participating on multiple wrestling tours in Japan. [17], In 2003 L.A. ParK began working for CMLL, although he was often kept off their television broadcasts due to the ongoing legal battles with Peña and AAA. de dic. [1] In 1988 he changed his ring character to El Asesino de Tepito ("The Assassin from Tepito"), a rudo (villain) character he used in 1988. Electroshock won the match for his team by pinning Angle, forcing Dorian to have his head shaved bald. While La Parka often wrestled on WCW's Monday Nitro show his PPV appearances were rare. It has not been verified if L.A. Park Jr. is someone who paid to use the name or actually a son of Adolfo Tapia. He eventually was able to communicate. On July 21, 2018, at AAA vs. Elite, L.A. Park teamed with Electroshock and Puma King as representatives of Liga Elite, defeating Team AAA (Psycho Clown, El Hijo del Fantasma and Rey Wagner). The character was an almost instant success with the fans, the imagery combined with Tapia's charisma and flamboyant actions in the ring made him a big crowd favorite despite La Parka initially being a rudo character. Later on he would wrestle as the masked El Gringo in the Monclova, Coahuila region and as El Minero in Mexico City. He wrestled in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and currently works under the name L.A. Park. After unveiling himself during the show L.A. Park announced that he was siding with Konnan and Dorian Roldan, targeting the "impostor Parka". With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular La Parka Wcw animated GIFs to your conversations. A bit later it was announced that the match results had been thrown out due to interference by Los Perros del Mal, but the following morning it was confirmed that Tapia had indeed won and would now be known as "La Parka" once again. During the event La Parka challenged L.A. Park to a match at Triplemania XVIII, under any stipulation the original Parka wanted. There was a false report of his death a few weeks ago. The name L.A. Park means, La Autentica ParK (Where the k is pronounces as ka), so the name means "The … [66] The following week it was announced that Park was not joining CMLL, but was only there to promote a partnership between CMLL and the new independent "Liga Elite" promotion. ", "Resultados X-LAW (20 marzo 10): Súper Parka se lleva el Campeonato Completo… La Hermandad 187 aparece en X-LAW", "Resultados X-LAW: HARDCOREWEEN (30 octubre 2010) – Sabú termina con una costilla rota", "AAA En Querétaro (resultados 30 de abril) – "Las Parkas" se destrozan- Octagon Nuevo Wagnermaniaco – Debuta Daniels – Una lucha mas para Triplemania 18", "Lo destacado en la conferencia de prensa AAA, previo a Triplemania 18", "Triplemania 18 (Cobertura y resultados 6 junio 2010) – La Parka vs. L.A. Park – Electroshock vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. – Los Perros del Mal en AAA", "AAA acepta la decisión de la comisión de Lucha Libre del DF: La lucha de las Parkas queda anulada", "L.A. Park deshecha el nombre de La Parka", "AAA Guerra de Titanes 2010 (Cobertura y resultados 05 de Diciembre de 2010) – Charly Manson aparece y se une a Los Bizzaros – El Zorro NUEVO Megacampeón AAA", "De último momento: ¡¡¡LA Park vs Mesías, máscara vs cabellera en Triplemania 19!!! Hair match, where they faced Team Dorian Roldán (Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle), with the Roldáns' hairs on the line. [41] Afterwards, L.A. Park aligned himself with Dorian Roldan's La Sociedad, a superstable consisting of La Legión Extranjera, La Milicia, Los Maniacos and the invading Los Perros del Mal stables. The rights to the gimmick of La Parka have been the subject of court battles since La Parka left AAA; so far, they've ruled that AAA owner Antonio Penaowns the name and the look, and LA Park can not use the "La Parka" on television in Mexico. In 2011, Tapia was part of Lucha Libre USA as LA Park. [47] The following month, when El Zorro caught wind of Park's intention of challenging for his title, he seemingly started interfering in Park's matches under his old mask, costing him back–to–back multi–man tag team matches at the April 27 and 30 TV tapings, escalating the dissension within La Sociedad, eventually leading to the group turning on El Zorro, after which it was revealed that the masked attacker had actually been Charly Manson and this had all been Cibernético's plan to cause dissension within the ranks of La Sociedad. On October 30, 2010, Sabu defeated Damián 666 to win Xtreme Latin American Wrestling's International Championship.,[31] but no word about the fate of the Heavyweight title. [5], Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (1992–1996), Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (2003–2008), Xtreme Latin American Wrestling (2004, 2009–2010). 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[68] On August 28, Park returned to CMLL to team with Volador Jr. and Atlantis to wrestle Dr. Wagner Jr., Rush and La Sombra. [2] In October 1998, La Parka became part of Eddie Guerrero's Latino World Order (LWO), a group that also included Psychosis, Juventud Guerrera, Villano IV, Villano V, El Dandy, Silver King, Héctor Garza, Damián 666, and a reluctant Rey Mysterio Jr. [33] L.A. Park did however return to an AAA ring as he had another brawl with La Parka on their April 18 television taping. [69], On June 5, 2018 L.A. Park was revealed as one of the surprise competitors in AAA's Poker de Ases ("Poker Aces") match at Triplemanía XXVI, betting his mask against Psycho Clown, El Hijo del Fantasma and Pentagón Jr in the headline match of the show. [32] In order to maintain the illusion that L.A. Park did not really work for AAA, L.A. Park claimed that he came to AAA to beat up La Parka, and since he had done that already he was not sure if he even felt like returning to AAA. [22] In the months following the Anniversary show both L.A. Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. left CMLL. This led to Tapia wearing a modified version of the outfit in other color combinations such as black and red, black and yellow, white and black or even variations of silver. LA Park is the original La Parka from AAA in the early '90s and the one who was in WCW and XPW. LA Park vs. Pierroth, máscara contra máscara", "SLAM! He is best known throughout the world as La Parka, especially from his many years in the American World Championship Wrestling promotion. (CNN)La Parka, known for wrestling while wearing intricate costumes and masks, died Saturday at 54, Lucha Libre AAA announced. He later dropped Onoo as a manager and begin to feud with Psychosis and Disco Inferno. [16] He had already modified the original "La Parka" outfit to differentiate between himself and the AAA version, adopting a mask that looked less like a skull and more like the face of Darth Maul from the Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace movie. 19 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the, X–LAW Xtreme Heavyweight Championship (2 times), XWW Universal Championship (1 time, current), Distrito Federal Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time), European Middleweight Championship (2 times), This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 18:52. Tapia's uncle changed his character to Super Parka after Tapia gained worldwide fame. Hair match at Triplemanía XIX. [18] Guerrero and Bucanero regained the titles 56 days later, after which L.A. Park challenged Último Guerrero to defend the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship against him at CMLL's 71st Anniversary Show, a match which L.A. Park lost two falls to one.[19]. [71] Park then entered a feud with Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fénix, defeating the former in a Mexican Death match at MLW War Games on September 6, 2018. [2] For a period of time Tapia was barred from appearing on television wearing the black and white outfit he had worn for years. [2] Initially Peña and La Parka did not clash over the use of the La Parka name since Tapia worked mainly for various US independent promotions and for smaller Mexican promotions. [52] On June 18 at Triplemanía XIX, Park defeated El Mesías, forcing him to have his head shaved. [2], While La Parka had been busy working exclusively for WCW for a number of years Peña had given the "La Parka" outfit and character to another wrestler under AAA contract and had him working as La Parka Jr. from late 1996 and forward, cashing in on La Parka's popularity in the states. The group feuded mainly with Konnan and Perry Saturn. Now, sadly it is true that he has passed away. [59] The rivalry between Park and Jeff Jarrett continued on March 18, 2012, at Rey de Reyes, where Jarrett's interference eliminated Park from the Rey de Reyes tournament. La Parka left WCW in 2000. On November 21, 1987 he lost the Principe Island mask to El Hijo del Santo. Three of Adolfo Tapia's uncles are also wrestlers working under the ring names Super Parka, Johnny Ibarra and Desalmado. [72] He would continue to feud with the two, as well as other people such as Sami Callihan and Mance Warner, before losing to Pentagon and Fenix in a match for the MLW World Tag Team Championship in November. Adolfo Tapia made his professional wrestling debut in 1982 at the age of 16, using his real name. ", "LA Park y La Parka se unen con el Lic. LA Park tuvo un segmento en inglés, en World Championship Wrestling (WCW), durante su estancia en dicha empresa. Huerta Escoboza was originally from Hermosillo, Mexico. Halloween and Damián 666 from the Perros del Mal wrestling promotion run to the ring to chase Dorian Roldan away. He won titles including the Triplemanía Cup and Antonio Peña Cup. He had worked under the ring name "Último Sadox" up until that point. When L.A. Park teased using the chair on Joaquin instead, Dorian entered the ring to protest, but was pushed down by Park, who then hit Joaquin with the chair, which caused Dorian to turn on him, hitting him with a steel chair three times. [37][38] However, on June 10 AAA announced that it would respect Mexico City Boxing and Wrestling Commission's decision to throw out the match and as a result both L.A. Park and La Parka would keep their names. At the time no one took the challenge. Roldan para enfrentar a Jarrett y La Sociedad. This led to a double turn between the competitors. [63] Even after his AAA exit he kept promoting the possibility of a Lucha de Apuestas match against Dr. Wagner Jr. possibly promoted by El Hijo del Santo's Todo X el Todos (TxT) promotion. [11] On September 9, 1994 La Parka won the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship that he had been chasing for over a year when he defeated Lizmark for the title, finishing off the storyline between the two. During this time, he teamed with Kaz Hayashi, a Japanese wrestler who also used a "Comedic voice over" gimmick and referred to La Parka as "Skull Captain". One of his initial storyline feuds was with Lizmark, a feud that resulted in a match for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship at AAA's inaugural Triplemania event, in which Lizmark successfully defended the title against La Parka. [75] On September 15, 2019, Salina de la Renta announced that L.A. Park would be cashing in his Battle Riot title shot against Jacob Fatu at Saturday Night SuperFight. [28] The next show was on March 20, 2010, with L.A. Park facing Sabu in the main event. Park continued his rivalry with El Hijo del Santo culminating on October 29, 2005 at Revolucha 2: Dia de los Muertos in a Lucha en la Jaula match (a steel cage match). LA Park ya no podra vestir de blanco y negro", "Victory Road 2004 at Pro Wrestling History.com", "LA Park obtiene el título XLAW ante Rey Misterio en Tijuana (2004)", "Resultados XLAW: Sandman vs LA Park (8 agosto 2009) – LA Park retiene en encuentro memorable – Súper Crazy aparece por sorpresa", "La gente en Mexico esta acostumbrada a quebrarse foquitos romperse lamparitas - atte: LA Park", "Cartel XLAW 20 marzo en Tula, Hidalgo – ¿Quién es el luchador sorpresa? Shortly after joining WCW, La Parka discovered the advantages a steel chair presented him. Hall spits on Stevie and the crowd goes bonkers Then they drag L.A. Park on top of La Parka before rúdo referee Hijo del Tirantes counts for three to give L.A. Park the victory. The double bookings came to an end on June 26, 1991 when Stuka unmasked the Invasor del Norte character, revealing that Tapia played both characters. [12] La Parka would wear the Mexican National Light Heavyweight championship two further times while working for AAA, in 1995 and in 1996 until he lost the belt to Pimpinela Escarlata on May 13, 1996. Another wrestler, Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra, originally donned the "La Parka" moniker. [73] L.A. Park would then defeat Pentagon on April 4, 2019 at MLW Rise of the Renegades. On February 28 Park entered the 2011 Rey de Reyes tournament in order to solidify his spot as the number one contender, defeating Dr. Wagner Jr., Halloween and Nicho el Millonario in his semifinal match. [57] Héroes Inmortales also saw La Parka turning on AAA and joining La Sociedad, which led to him and L.A. Park forming an unlikely tag team on December 1, when they defeated the team of Dr. Wagner Jr. and Electroshock in the main event. La Parka continued to make appearances for AAA until his injury in 2019.In 2018 Parka debuted for AAA's partner Impact Wrestling.Parka appeared on the October 4 edition of Impact!, which was taped September 14 at the Frontón México Entertainment Center in Mexico City, answering Eli Drake's open challenge and subsequently picking up the count-out victory. [4] It is unclear if L.A. Park Jr. was related to Tapia or if it was a case of someone paying for the use of the name in the same vein as El Hijo de Cien Caras or El Hijo del Gladiador where they paid for the use of the name. [2] In subsequent years both parties filed various legal petitions to stake their claims on the copyright. [21] The storyline ended in mid-2008 with no satisfactory end, instead L.A. Park began a feud with Dr. Wagner Jr.. [1] Following his mask loss he started working as the masked Invasor del Norte I as well as still taking bookings as Principe Island. The rights to the gimmick of La Parka have been the subject of court battles since La Parka left AAA; so far, they've ruled that AAA owner Antonio Pena owns the name and the look, and LA Park can not use the "La Parka" on television in Mexico. L.A. Park beat Sabu after Super Parka hit Tapia with a steel chair, he fell on top of Sabu for the win. During his time on the independent circuit L.A. Park developed a long-running and very intense feud with El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr., interjecting himself in a storyline that played off the original rivalry between El Santo and Blue Demon creating a feud that headlined various shows all over Mexico and involves three of the most famous masks of the 1980s and 1990s.[23]. [15], La Parka's biggest achievement in WCW did not even involve Adolfo Tapia. [2] As Principe Island he won the masks of wrestlers Gran Cóndor, Principe Judas, Guerrero Negra and Bestia Negra I. [1], In 1992 Antonio Peña founded a new wrestling promotion called Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA), signing Tapia to a contract early on. L.A. Park won the Xtreme Latin American Wrestling (X-LAW) Heavyweight Championship [25] in Friday, April 9, 2004. [24] On May 7, 2005, L.A. Park debuted for Detroit's Independent Wrestling Revolution (IWR) brand Revolucha, teaming with American Kickboxer in a losing effort to El Hijo del Santo and Konnan. He was nicknamed "the chairman of WCW" due to the fact that he often carried a chair to the ring, play air guitar on it during his entrances and generally use it both in matches and in post match celebrations. In March 2010, L.A. Park returned to AAA and started a storyline with AAA's La Parka, pitting the original and the new La Parka against each other. [13] At one point he and Psychosis were managed by Sonny Onoo, although the team failed to achieve much success as a unit. In 2004, Tapia made a number of appearances for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), as both L.A. Park and La Parka. In 2009, X-LAW's owner, Ernesto Ocampo, Súper Luchas Magazine publisher, decided to restart his promotion,[26] promoting the return show on August 8, 2009, headlined with Tapia against The Sandman for the title. After a couple of minutes a group of AAA wrestlers led by Octagón came to ringside and in combination with the arena security managed to remove Los Perros del Mal from the ring. Joaquin Roldan entered the ring, when L.A. Park attempted to use a steel chair on La Parka. This was a triangle match that also included, This was a multi-man match that also included, Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship, IWL World Heavyweight Championship (1 time), Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame, "Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion TripleMania", "! "We are very sad to report that our friend and idol of Mexican wrestling Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta 'LA PARKA' has passed away," Lucha Libre AAA said on. ", "L.A. Park y Wagner Jr. regresan al CMLL", "L. A. Initially, L.A. Park was the tecnico in the feud, but the fan reactions began to turn against L.A. Park as the CMLL crowd began siding with Dr. Wagner Jr. Tapia worked for CMLL in an on-again, off-again capacity, not being booked for CMLL for long stretches of time. The feud between the two saw La Parka defeat Lizmark for the WWA title for a second time on June 20, 1994. A couple of weeks later, Savage wrestled against the real La Parka defeating him to gain a small measure of revenge. Share the best GIFs now >>> He interrupted a fight between Diamante Azul and Thunder as he walked to the ring, then issued an open challenge to any CMLL wrestler. [30] This storyline is unresolved, because after Tapia jump to AAA, in subsequents X-LAW shows, Sabu has been promoted as X-LAW top star. [39] Park stated that for him the Triplemania match was all about pride and not about names and that all that mattered to him was that he had proven who the true La Parka is, regardless of the names they now go by. On March 12, 2010, during the 2010 Rey de Reyes event Dorian Roldan, son of AAA boss Joaquin Roldan announced that he, Dorian, was going to take control of the promotion and that he had some help to do so. That help turned out to be L.A. Park, the original La Parka returning to AAA after years and years of legal battles and threats.

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