It has been seen a few times, that he openly expresses an attraction to Zed Martin, after meeting Team Arrow he openly refers to all the female members of the team, such as Laurel Lance, Felicity Smoak and Thea Queen, as "pretty girls", and even openly flirted with Leo Snart. Eine chronologische Übersicht aller Episoden, in denen John Constantine einen Auftritt hatte. While hunting a hunger demon, which he suspected may be connected to the Rising Darkness, John briefly operated under the alias Lee Drygas.[4]. After leaving the hideout, John, furious with Chandler for disobeying him, dismissed him from the case and decided to act alone with Zed. The latter, however, inadvertently rejected the exorcist with a shockwave and ordered him to leave his home. This action severally traumatized John and he placed himself in Ravenscar Psychiatric Facility for the Mentally Deranged out of guilt. [6] Constantine eventually manages to save Desmond by luring Neron out of his body. She gives him the address where to go and then disappears. It's likewise uncovered that Constantine was enamored with Natalie yet he picked enchantment over her. He recognized John and said he wouldn't be so easily defeated this time by burning Fennel's body alive. He is an occult detective who starred in his own show, Constantine, and later made a guest apperance in Arrow. Meanwhile, Constantine went on his own, although he interacted with Gary, with the two men having an intimate relationship of some sort; although, according to John, by the rules of magic Gary was still considered a virgin.[24]. As insurance, John also used the rod to transfer a spell on his arm onto Oliver's torso, insisted he'd know what to do when the time came and on Oliver's request, John punched him out cold as part of his "escape" and left on his boat, but the two would keep in contact. [14], Later, John as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[14] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe. John wasn't able to banish the Fairy Godmother, as her spellcasting was much quicker, allowing her to overpower the Legends. However, he did not have time to take revenge as the exorcist escaped. John, after an intoxicating night with Nora, was awakened by her, who in a hurry and fear began to drive the man out of the house. [7] At one point, he came to learn of Damien Darhk, a practitioner of dark magic who was the leader of H.I.V.E.. John grew to fear Darhk so much he considered leaving whatever city the latter sought to destroy as a preferable option to facing him. After a while, they met with Chas, to whom John gave the child and left the catacombs. At the same time, in one of the bars, John met his friend Becca Schultz, who as a lawyer consulted the sources and obtained the documents for the exorcist regarding the last unexplained death of the whole family, except for the child. After the Legends allowed Mallus to escape his prison in order to destroy the demon, it opened a door to other evils. [22] He then attempted to assist Ava and Gary in tracking down the Waverider after Sara Lance was possessed by Mallus via the Death Totem. When Zed tried to inspect her with her visions, she saw a bright light, but the narrative interrupted the cardiac arrest of the test patient whom the doctors were trying to save. Occultists and a detective visited the mother of the missing person, who told about their last quarrel. Some time later, the preacher was visited by Constantine, who was trying to collect the pen. Daryl and his wife checked the room to prove to him that he was safe, then returned to each other. Zed went back to drawing in order to forget about the recent events of Imogen. Later that night John decided to investigate the case alone and went to the cemetery described by Lily. John became a figure of respect among the dabblers of magic and began leading the Newcastle Crew. Sometimes later, five months after his last meeting with the Legends, he approached Sara, informing her that the danger was still there and the release of Mallus has accelerated the Rising Darkness. Also, when he went back in time to save his boyfriend, Desmond from being sent to hell even though it could cause damage to the timeline. However, she had to do it in Catholic, which allowed her to know the existence of Heaven and Hell. Michael James Shaw as Papa Midnite 3. The exorcist investigated the matter further, discovering that the girl who survived the attack was controlled by an entity inhabiting her body. The whole crowd was interrupted by the attack of "ghouls" - healed by Zachary, which forced him, along with Constantine and Martin, to flee to the church. Soon after, the man went to Zed's room, where he found out about the friend's results as presented by Dr. Galen. She taunted him on being "far more damned than she is" before John opened a portal that siphoned her into Hell. In his teenage years, John was introduced into the occult world by Anne Marie. Shortly thereafter, John was drinking whiskey with Papa, and their truce was to end after the drink. As John returned to the tent, he noticed a man healed by a preacher attacking Zed. As expected, Papa Midnite himself attacked him shortly after, successfully hitting him with the As Winchester's bullet. Zed and John started a conversation with Marcus, who told them the story of Willie Cole, selling the Devil's soul, and the vinyl he had hidden. Soon after that, Manny also appeared, whom the woman saw with her own eyes. Chas followed John's advice and, unable to live normally with the souls of others, decided to fight evil alongside his friend in order to repay the gift and use it in a good way. In purgatory, they encounter a Jim Corrigan doppelgänger, who transfers the powers of the Spectre to Oliver for him to use to save the Multiverse, so Oliver decides not to return. With the help of special drugs, he showed him what he knows with his eyes. She informed him that her boyfriend was coming soon and needed to go quickly, then she gave him the clothes and let him out the window. At a local bar, he was served by Desmond, and the two shared an instant connection. John explained that the ritual would transport them to the "other side" where Sara's soul was trapped, and transported himself, Oliver and Laurel. After confirming that it was Sara's idea to release Mallus, John informed them that Mallus wasn't the only evil they released. But he knew what had happened in this place lately was not normal, and he took the business card from Constantine. After Chandler's arrival, the three of them followed the trail of vinyl victims, and even more. The conversation was interrupted by a bloody appearance on the bloody map pointing to New York. Zed Martin and John Constantine meet first time. After a while, Corrigan himself arrived, arresting Constantine, suspecting him of being involved in the accident. Soon after, the man, stressed by the whole situation, went to the roof, where he was going to smoke a cigarette. At first, John suspected the local disenfranchised preacher to be the one who enchanted the Coblynau to do dark deeds, but later investigation along with Zed convinced him that the man was innocent. John Constantine is an occult detective from Liverpool, England. [36], After the events of Heyworld, Constantine became famous, to the point of being the cover of a magazine. Fandom. Occupation So they went to the front of the Lopez house, where they found no fetus, but the fruit on the tree was made of skin and blood. [9], John once had a brutal encounter with Fennel and a sorcerer named Felix Faust. Not wanting to die like this, he decided to allow himself to be possessed by the demon Pazuzu, whom he had summoned into his body, regenerating the wound and thus chasing away the terrified Invunche. The detective initially planned to hand him over to the police, when an exorcist explained to him about the atrocities he had committed. After their encounter, they saved Leo from being lobotomized, and Sara decided to travel to Mallus' spirit world again to use the connection to power up the same transportation spell that was used to send them to the past. Soon after at the mill, Manny admitted to John that he was facing the consequences of his actions, but he knows that he did the right thing. Traveling to the town of Heddwich without his partner (Chas had to stay out of the State of Pennsylvania due to an incident involving a Succubus and a trainwreck), John ended up meeting Zed Martin, who's been seeing Constantine in her dreams, along with visions of demons. After Gary got the item he needed, they went to the movies together, stealing two ID cards on the way. John sacrifices Gary to capture the demon. As John was about to free Furcifer, Liv discovered that it was not Astra, but a demon disguised as her. In the morning, John and Chas went to the place from the vision, where they learned about the death of the driver who had asked about Philip Carlberg's hitchhiker before his death. [3] In the fourth season, he joins the team as their magical expert as they hunt the new monsters across history, but it is revealed that he is on the run from a supernatural creature hunting him as a consequence of his past actions. During the day, Constantne watched Henry play in the school playground. As soon as he woke up, he called Manny, with whom they discovered Dr. Galen, who would be the alleged killer. Therefore, he decided to accept John's offer and work with him, but John in return wanted to contact Hell with the help of his sister, after executing the plan. He made the most of it by forcing Gary to carry his magical gear and take care of talking to people annoying him on-job. He has a slightly different cadence sometimes. As soon as the witch took the bait, Hugo unexpectedly followed her in pursuit, trying to shoot her. It was then that he realized that everything was to blame for the Coming Darkness, which was getting harder to deal with.[8]. [2] Later, Oliver mentions that Constantine has gone to Hell; after returning, John puts Oliver in touch with Esrin Fortuna. Soon after, the two men met outside the hospital, where an angel began to describe the experienced feelings. After everyone parted ways, Anne Marie appeared in prison through an astral projection, finding out her friend's whereabouts. In 2014, a demon possessed a young girl, Astra Logue, the daughter of a friend of John's and he and his friends, Anne Marie Flynn, Gary Lester, Ritchie Simpson, Judith, and Chas Chandler, attempted to stop it. Arrowverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He initially refused to join the team, but after being pursued by a demon named Neron in 2018, John agreed to move into the Waverider, though still insisted that he's "not a bloody Legend". He drew him a story of how the shaman of a village, Samir, chose a young boy to trap a demon in him and save the village from starvation. The pyrotechnic effects set off a fire that occupied an entire building. Whenever Tommy came home from drinking, which John stated was "every night", he would physically abuse his son, reminding him that Mary Anne died because of him. John himself met Manny outside, to whom he told him that day after day he faced evil, but today was a real hell for him. Soon after, Ritchie and John returned to campus, where they learned of the death of Miranda, who they found dead in a dance studio. She forced him to eat the contract, which was tantamount to undoing his terms and restoring Jasmine's health and bringing back Ian's illness. Alive John was learning a new spell at the mill when he overheard Zed and Chas talking. Meanwhile, in another house in the same town, Henry's parents were awakened by their son's scream, fearing that someone was in his room. Thus, he managed to stun his opponent and take his weapon from him. First look at Matt Ryan as "John Constantine", DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 poster - The Master of the Dark Arts. After a while it turned out that Constantine had faked his own death using the body of a bodyguard and a camouflage spell. Angry at her sister, he ordered her to get out and never come back to his community. After a little argument, the men decided to visit this mystical world on their own and performed a ritual that allowed them to enter there. As John's journey to stop the Rising Darkness continued, he appeared to have developed possible genuine romantic feelings for Zed Martin, as observed by Manny, who pointed out that John was jealous upon seeing Jim Corrigan kiss her, since he seemed to be genuinely shocked and upset to see it. At one point, time stopped Manny, who asked John if he really knew what he was doing. [9] John also became bitter enemies with voodoo priest Papa Midnite after several nefarious dealings. John has made a plan to get the kidnapped children back. When he came to his senses, on one of the streets he met a boy, Okot, in whose body a demon was hidden. Species John casts a spell to send a unicorn to hell. [25] Although calling himself "no bloody Legend", Constantine has indeed enjoyed the benefits of Waverider, coming into conflict with Mick Rory over their use of the ship's facilities. There, they discover the ashes of a person who was killed by one of the encores. Gary explained why he came to Atlanta to stay with Constantine. After a short time, the accusations were withdrawn by Clarie, who saw the change in her son and wanted to know how to deal with it. The girl jokingly thought that he should ask nicely, and not perform rituals. There he met Liv Aberdine, the daughter of his friend who (like her father) could see the true nature of supernatural things when in contact with an amulet. Along the way, he solves supernatural mysteries, vanquishes demons, and clashes with officious angels sent to watch over him while protecting the world from the "Rising Darkness". Zari shows up to console him which backfires when John tries to neuter his dad. As John left, Oliver thanked him for his help, but John also told him he'd had a dark feeling since being in town, Oliver confirming it as their newest problem Damien Darhk. [38], Later in Northumberland County, UK, Constantine and Gary show up at what is basically Constantine's old home where he experiences himself aside from it's not him. Thus, he learned that a magical ritual was being performed here, related to the Egyptian culture. [17] According to pilot episode director Neil Marshall, Constantine would not be allowed to smoke on the show due to network restrictions, though the character was shown to smoke on the show itself. It was then that Pazuzu woke up in the man who had torn the prisoners to pieces. [34], At some point in the history of Earth-Prime, John met the owner of a scrapyard nicknamed "Old Man Joe"; in the yard, located between John Constantine's house and London, there was a 1975 Fiat that was possessed by a demon which ultimately John exorcized. When he didn't respond to her advances, the widow shouted at him and made a scene in front of the guests, publicly showing Constantine out of her house. When John returned, he explained that they were battling the hunger demon that was using the host, and when it weakened, he would use another. Constantine understood that it might have something to do with Chas, who at this point was headed to his family to meet his daughter. When the demon left the exorcist's body, Constantine thanked his friends for their help and would stay with him in such a difficult time. At the scene, they found the crucified body of a security guard, which was sealed with the same symbol as the previous victims. Constantine left Zed with Lester and decided to investigate who he was dealing with. The detective realized that the exorcist was right and presented him with the files of a model who committed suicide 5 years ago and a boy who died in an accident 3 years ago. They ran to Zed, fearing for her life, where they made many accusations against the doctor. The Heyworld visitors, Legends and magical fugitives attempt to bring Nate back to life. Once Karabasan was in it, Constantine tried to set the circle on fire, but the lighter refused to obey. The next morning, Constantine waited in the hospital for Zed to wake up. She referred to Constantine's words that no price is too high if an innocent person can be saved. [21], Sometime later, he gave the Legends information on the Death Totem, which was in the possession of Elvis Presley. Constnatine asked Midnite to ask the sister about the Coming Darkness, but the sister only revealed that no matter how much heart John puts into the fight, he would still lose, because someone close to him was involved. With their help he learned that the girl was Nora Darhk who was slowly being taken over by a demon called Mallus. In response, Constantine sent Oliver to meet with Esrin Fortuna, who had a better understanding of Darhk's magic, and could possibly teach him to defend against it. He winds up giving her the coercion material. The exorcist found a piece of artifact in Jasper's hideout, which he checked on Chas, while Manny was seduced by a nurse, helping him achieve his goal. Thus Constantine realized that they had made a mistake, because Imogen is not an angel of Heaven at all, but of Hell. Sam went back to reality and watched, and after a while Ritchie returned as well. He then brought her to the forest and discussed the Godmother's fate, offering her a deal: others she enters a contract with him, or he sends her to Hell. He did not want him to spend only a few years in prison for everything he had done and to be released again, so Jim released him, ordered him to flee and shot him, ending his miserable life. He is also haunted by the memory of Astra Logue, a young girl he condemned to hell with a botched exorcism. Imogen showed her true form, the Fallen Angel, and tried to run away, but the previously created protective spell prevented her from leaving the shed. Consequently, Constantine decided to return to the mill, and Manny would use the human body to search the patient files to discover what the two victims had in common. Because of this act, the apartment began to collapse, which forced Ritchie and John to flee. [10], John and Chas spent their time in one of the bars getting drunk in the process. Er hat große Ähnlichkeit zum Musiker Sting bzw. Constantine at that time returned to Chas, whom he told about everything, while looking at the intrusive patient - Morris. He explained to her that Chas would be back and it would be long enough, depending on how violent his death was. [23] Following their "introduction" to the dragon, the Legends stayed on a lookout for magical creatures for 5 months, but met none, and decided that John was wrong. [8] In hell, Constantine meets Astra, who has grown up and refuses to be saved by him. He was to return Geraldine's soul in exchange for helping the exorcist get rid of the Karabasan demon, to which the exorcist agreed. He denied it, but then started to run away. They broke into the morgue, where an exorcist, using the hand of glory, temporarily resurrected the dead body of a deceased friend, who gave Constantine the last of his strength, saying that a vinyl voice had done so to him, and mentioned "Moonrise." When John tried to stop Fairy Godmother and Prudence from leaving the ship, he was silenced by the fairy's spell, sealing his mouth shut. It was too late to rescue, however, because the boy's body had cut defensive wounds, which eventually led to him bleeding out. Frequently abused, John gained an interest in the occult, hoping to find a way to bring his mother back from the dead. He tried to make a deal with the angel Gabriel, but he didn't accept. So he decided to run to the shed and stop Zed, but when he arrived it was too late. John Constantine is the overall pentagonist of the Arrowverse. [5], Constantine attempts to use time travel to change history to save the life of Desmond, a former lover who sacrificed himself to save Constantine from the demon Neron, but when this creates increasingly twisted timelines, Constantine accepts the need to restore the original timeline and comes clean to the rest of the team about his issue with Neron. When the Legends had to destroy the Loom to end Loomworld, John was unable to cure his future cancer, though Astra came to accept her mother's passing and returned his soul token. John chased him and caught him in the Fear Room, where he drove the Panneti spirit out of Henry's body, which he then gave to his parents. Before he left the Waverider he confided in Ray Palmer that despite Sara's strong will she would eventually succumb to Mallus as Nora did. Because of his actions and what happened to Astra, the group was haunted for the rest of their lives. He and Chas Chandler decided to tackle on the country's supernatural problems, hoping to save John's soul along the way.[5]. In flashbacks, Oliver Queen meets Constantine during his fourth year away from Star City when he assists Constantine in retrieving a magical artifact from Lian Yu.

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