After getting his mind straight, Donnie makes a pact with Rocky that they would both fight their respective battles together. [3] In terms of weaknesses, his only major drawback appears to be his deep sense of pride and strong self-confidence, which allows Rocky to get an edge over him in the ring by surprising Creed in their first encounter.[8]. In 1998, after Adonis' biological mother's death in the late '90s, Apollo's widow, Mary Anne (Phylicia Rashad), adopts him. During Tommy's fight with Union Cane, Rocky commented that it was like his own first fight with Apollo. This was the first time anyone had ever taken the champion the full 15 rounds. He further says, "You want to jump? Se trata de un boxeador dominado por sus sentimientos y pasiones, que demuestra a lo largo de sus apariciones, tiene una gran autoestima, pero en ocasiones, esta se vuelve orgullo, y le llevan a la perdición. There was a poster of Apollo and Rocky during the events of Rocky II in Rocky Jr's bedroom before the Balboas went bankrupt. Both parties would want the fight to happen, however, on the condition that Donnie would assume his actual name instead of his mother's last name, Johnson, to which he agrees, similar to Apollo's desire to select Rocky due to his nickname: "The Italian Stallion". Unwilling to waste the time, effort and money he's already invested in the fight, Creed responds with a promotion that will generate huge publicity: He will offer an unknown local fighter an opportunity to battle for the title in a match in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[8]. Apollo Creed was born on August 17th, 1942 in Los Angeles County, California, there isn't much information regarding Creed's childhood, but based off Creed's bright intelligence, it is assumed that he had a good education and that his family was middle class. After taunting the Russian and landing a number of ineffectual punches, Creed is pummeled badly in the first round. Apollo Creed's personality and fighting style has been compared to real-life boxer Muhammad Ali. Apollo, en una aparición meramente testimonial, saluda a los contrincantes (Clubber Lang y al campeón Rocky Balboa) previamente al combate que supondría la derrota de Rocky. Rocky agrees and begins to put his fear aside. During the commentary before the Rocky vs. Mason Dixon fight, a montage of Rocky's opponents that omits his two fights against Apollo is shown. In a deleted scene when Rocky wakes up, Rocky sees Paulie sleeping and Rocky sees a photo of his first fight with Apollo, but his face is censored and Rocky's face is covered by a scrap of paper with Paulie's head. El combate se desarrolla de una manera muy parecida al combate anterior, pero Balboa ha mejorado notablemente su derecha y su técnica en el ring, mientras que Apollo ya no subestima a su contrincante. Creed brushes off the idea of the left-handed Balboa giving him a fight, pledging to knock him out in three rounds. Carl, who also played professional football with the NFL's Oakland Raiders, by whom he was drafted in 1970, embarked on his Hollywood film acting career at the time of his retirement from the NFL in 1975. His powerful jab and emphasis on agility complement his flashy personality and outfit. Unlike their first fight, Creed dominates Balboa throughout most of the second fight, thwarting Rocky's strategy of fighting right-handed (although his trainer states that if he hadn't been bothered by the switching he should have knocked him out by the end of the first round). Not wanting a repeat of the first fight (and ignoring the pleas of his trainers), he vows to knock Balboa out rather than taking the safer route by winning on points. Apollo has black hair and brown eyes. While Rocky visits him in jail, Donnie angrily blames him for his father's death, while Rocky tries to calm him down and understand Apollo, who isn't there to defend himself. En la esquina, Rocky le dice a Apollo que va a tirar la toalla, pero Apollo le prohíbe hacerlo, a pesar de las súplicas desesperadas del entrenador de Apollo. [12] This quote is referred to throughout the movie, including the film's theme song, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. Eager to change minds and ignoring the pleas of his staff to "let it go", Creed challenges Balboa to a second fight on Thanksgiving Day, 1976. Apollo retires from boxing soon after. Mickey trains Rocky to become faster (including peculiar methods like chasing and catching a chicken) and instructs him to change his boxing stance, from left-handed to right-handed, both to confuse Creed and to protect his damaged right eye. After the revelation, Rocky tells Donnie that, though he's never had the chance to thank Apollo for stepping in when Mickey died, it does not match what he's done for him and that he loves him. After his victory, Creed reveals his favor—a third fight with Rocky (not as a bloody fight between bitter rivals, but as a private sparring match between friends). A split decision determines Conlan the winner of the fight, and gives Donnie the ultimate respect, telling him that he's "the future of this division". What better way to celebrate its 200th birthday than to get it on with one of his descendants?" Duke refuses to work with Donnie to ensure his safety. Sylvester Stallone stated, "[Jack] Johnson served as the inspiration for the character of Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies";[1] the character is loosely based on a combination of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Louis, and Jack Johnson. However, Apollo is not ready for the extreme size and strength of the Russian. Apollo adamantly tells Rocky not to stop the fight "no matter matter what!". With Rocky, Duke, and Paulie in his corner, Apollo is overly confident that he can dispense of Drago with ease. Rocky gets up by the count of 9, but Creed is unable to pull himself up and is counted out, losing the match and the championship by knockout, his first professional loss.[11]. The result was not revealed until the 2015 film Creed, in which Rocky tells Apollo's son that Apollo won this fight. Apollo, por aquel entonces campeón de los pesos pesados, se debería enfrentar el 1 de enero de 1976 con Mac Lee Green, pero este se lesiona la mano y no podrá pelear. Creed initially takes the audience back to 1998, where Adonis "Donnie" Johnson learns that he's the product of an extramarital affair between his mom and Apollo Creed. Tommy was eventually allowed to wear Creed's trunks. This month marks the 35 th anniversary of Rocky IV, the greatest sports movie ever made in which the intangible idea of communism is defeated by boxing.The plot follows Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) as he basks in his glorious wealth alongside his friend and former rival Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), who is enjoying his retirement as a boxing legend. Before the match begins, Creed expresses his confidence that Rocky will win. Apollo muestra la figura de un hombre confiado de sí mismo, seguro de todo y, en ocasiones, creído, lo que ocasionara su prematura muerte, enfrentándose a un púgil de mayor fortaleza física que él (Drago) sin apenas entrenamiento. Finalmente, Rocky conseguiría levantarse antes de que acabara la cuenta atrás, alzándose como nuevo campeón de los pesos pesados, diciendo a Apollo que era el mejor. Apollo Creed, former heavyweight champ and Rocky Balboa's best friend, 100% deserved to lose to Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Upon reviewing the local boxers in Philadelphia, Creed is drawn to a club fighter named Rocky Balboa, because Balboa is Italian and has a catchy nickname, "The Italian Stallion". Carl Weathers (born January 14, 1948) is an American actor who portrayed Apollo Creed in the films Rocky, Rocky II, III and IV. In the third film, a 39-year-old Apollo Creed appears at the first fight between James "Clubber" Lang, 23, and Rocky Balboa, 36, as a guest moderator. Before the match, the former champion Creed steps into the ring to greet the fighters. Esta página se editó por última vez el 26 oct 2020 a las 03:39. era necesario ! Lo cual llevara a un gran desenlace de la historia de Apollo Creed en Creed II: Defendiendo el legado,, Wikipedia:Artículos con datos por trasladar a Wikidata, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0, boxeador profesional y entrenador de boxeo. Apollo Creed (1942-1985) fue un boxeador ficticio en la saga cinematográfica Rocky, interpretado por el actor Carl Weathers. Apollo Creed is a fictional character from the Rocky films. However, Donnie wants to continue to fight to prove that he is not "a mistake". The film ends as each boxer hits the other at the same time, symbolizing the equality of their greatness. At the beginning of the 15th round, he tells Rocky, "You're going down", to which Rocky replies, "No way". In the eleventh round, after an intense flurry, Conlan manages a strong shot that seemingly knocked Donnie unconscious. Según Apollo, América fue descubierto por un italiano (concretamente, por Cristóbal Colón) por lo que al ser Estados Unidos la tierra de las oportunidades, Rocky merecería la oportunidad de optar al título. In the seventh installment, it has been revealed that Creed had an affair sometime before his death, and from that, Adonis "Donnie" Johnson Creed was born. Highlighted by a pre-match rendition of "Living in America" by James Brown, Apollo enters the arena from a descending scaffold overhead, dancing to the music in his old red, white, and blue Uncle Sam outfit. He was played by Carl Weathers. While down, Donnie sees visions of his relationship with his girlfriend, Rocky's ailing composure, and finally, a scene of his father in his prime – motivating Donnie to return to his feet (and baffling Conlan and the audience). Donnie, to his mother's dismay, moves to Philadelphia to seek out Rocky. Rocky no hace caso, pero Apollo se emociona pensando que al derrotar al ruso volverá al estrellato así que decide pelear con él en vez de Rocky. Creed calls this fire the "eye of the tiger". Apollo is confident and doesn't take the fight seriously, but Drago is an absolute monster. Carl Weathers (Nueva Orleans, Luisiana; 14 de enero de 1948) es un actor estadounidense y exjugador de fútbol americano en Estados Unidos y Canadá. Jump. In Liverpool, Donnie receives a gift from Mary Anne; boxing trunks that strongly resemble his father's trunks, which he passed to Rocky, who then passed them to Tommy "The Machine" Gunn. Pese a un rechazo inicial, Rocky acepta el combate, en el que Apollo, contra pronóstico, no consigue noquearle, resultando únicamente vencedor a los puntos. "[6] In the film and its sequel, Balboa and Creed find themselves basically evenly matched in the ring, ending up friends by the third movie. Apollo había retenido el título de los pesados, pero el vencedor moral y popular del combate había sido Rocky. Apollo entra en escena con una entrada majestuosa y una canción interpretada por James Brown. Rocky happily accepts the challenge. Además, su rival Iván Drago es físicamente muy superior, por lo que el primer asalto se salda con una paliza monumental para Apollo. But Creed uses various humiliation tactics to coax Balboa out of retirement, until he and his trainer Mickey Goldmill finally accept the challenge. He first seeks tutelage from Duke's son, "Lil' Duke" (Wood Harris), who runs the Delphi Boxing Academy. In 1985, Apollo (43 years old), comes out of a five-year retirement to fight mammoth Soviet Olympic boxer Ivan Drago, who has come to the United States on behalf of the Soviet Union to enter the world of professional boxing. Protagonist Rocky Balboa, Creed's rival in Rocky and Rocky II, faces underdog odds (five-to-one in Rocky II) and views Creed with respect, pointedly refusing the prodding of a reporter to trash-talk against Creed (although it is implied that, being poorly educated at that point, he didn't understand the meaning of the word "derogatory"), even after the flamboyant Creed publicly taunted him, by laconically remarking, "He's great. Embed from Getty Images. Rocky compliments his father's boxing ability and reveals that Apollo won their third match. y, por otro lado, en el aspecto mental, Creed creía que Rocky debía recuperar "la mirada del tigre", las ganas de ganar. He is a tough but agile boxer, who is, as the series begins, the undisputed heavyweight world champion. Durante ese saludo, Clubber Lang le dedica palabras poco amables a Creed, lo que supondrá un acicate para que, tras la derrota de Balboa y el fallecimiento de Mickey, su entrenador, se convierta en el nuevo entrenador de Balboa. He gives Rocky his signature "colors", his stars and stripes boxing trunks, to wear during the fight (and tells him to wash them afterwards). A 2013 poll of former heavyweight champions and boxing writers, including former WBA heavyweight star James "Bonecrusher" Smith, ranked Creed as the second-best boxer in the Rocky series, second only to Rocky himself.[7]. Despite hesitating at first, Balboa agrees to let Creed train him for a rematch against Lang, who laughs off the prospect of "one has-been teaching another" during a television interview. Rocky again tries to stop the fight by throwing in the towel, but hesitates too long, giving Drago a chance to deliver (just as Rocky drops the towel) a fatal blow to Apollo, who dies in Rocky's arms in the middle of the ring. When the match takes place, Creed dresses up like both George Washington and Uncle Sam in the pre-fight festivities (with his matching trademark "stars and stripes" boxing shorts) and is in a jovial mood until Balboa knocks him down in the first round with a single uppercut, the first time Creed has been knocked down in his career. Creed helps Rocky rediscover the fire inside, which he had lost in the time leading up to the Lang fight, that had won him the title. The original films release in 1976 also happened while Muhammad Ali was reigning champion. At a young age, not only does he possess the boxing skills of his father, but also his fiery temper. Duke suggested he should fight Big Chuck Smith or Billy Snow, but Creed thought Smith was too dull, and Snow fouled too much.

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